Happiness Boxes

We need your help! Our Topic this half term is ‘All About Me’ and our focus text is Ruby’s Worry. The topic has been perfect for settling in and getting to know each other. All of the children created self- portraits and some of the children drew their family to display in the Home Corner.

In topic sessions the children have been looking at illustrations from Ruby’s Worry to make predictions before listening to the full story. We have had some lovely responses from the children so far. For example, Isla said she wanted ‘to hug Ruby’ and Alfalfa predicted that Ruby will be a friendly character ‘because she has a big smile on her face’. The children then began to discuss different emotions and we read The Colour Monster.

Ruby's Worry by Tom Percival | Waterstones
The Colour Monster: Amazon.co.uk: Llenas, Anna: 9781787412736: Books

In our Topic lessons next week we will be thinking about what makes us happy. As a homework task we are asking the children make a happiness collage or a happiness box. A shoe box is ideal for this task but a poster/ collage with drawings or pictures of things that make them happy is fine if you haven’t got a box at home!

Here are some steps for creating the box.

Please send the boxes/ collages into school on Tuesday 28th September so they can be shared in the Topic lesson.

Many thanks in advance for your support with this!!

Sound Cards

Please look out for this letter in the children’s book bags. The original letter said yellow paper folder but the folders sent home are green! 🤦‍♀️Sorry for any confusion.

Phonics cards

We have started on our phonics programme, Read Write Inc (RWI), with the Reception children. The children will bring home new cards each day. Please keep the cards in the green paper folder and return it to school each day.

Please look at the cards and help your child learn the letter sounds. (We do not learn the letter names at this time)

As your child progresses with the sounds play games with the cards – making three-letter words for your child to read. (e.g. tap, pat) and asking them to try and make a word that you say.

Use this video to help with saying the sounds correctly.

Reception learning

The class have settled into Reception well over the past couple of weeks and have been getting to know the routines, expectations, adults and make new friends. They have enjoyed lots of different activities. They have been busy learning about feelings through ‘the colour monster’ story and participated in Jeans for genes day. Take a look at the pictures below to find out more.

Can’t wait to see what they will do next week.

Family photos and favourite books

In the classroom we have a Home Corner. The children have really enjoyed using this area this week. If you wouldn’t mind it would be lovely to include your family photos in the Home Corner. The children will be able to talk about their family to others and it will be a nice way of finding out more about each other.

We also have a reading area and the children have enjoyed listening to lots of stories this week. As a display in this area we usually ask for the children to send in a photo of them holding their favourite book. Here is mine!

If you would like to send a family photo for me to print and display in our Home Corner and a photo of your child with their favourite book, please send them to the Reception email address.