Letter sent home today

The children have settled in so well and we have really been enjoying the first few days. We would love to begin sharing photos of the activities the children are completing during the day. Please look out for this letter in bags today!

Dear Parents/ Carers,                                                                                  14th September 2021

We will begin to add photos and information to our class blog throughout the school year. You can access the site through this web address 2021woodthorpe.wordpress.com

All of the photos and videos we upload will be password protected. Please ask a member of the reception team for the password.

Please complete the form below to give consent for photos/ videos of your child to be used on the class blog site.

We hope you enjoy looking at the blog and find the information useful.

Many thanks,

The Reception Team.

Reception- Consent for photos and videos to be used on class blog

Child’s Name: _____________

I do/ I do not give permission for my child named above to be shown in photos/ videos on the class blog.

Parents Name: _____________


(*Delete as necessary)

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