Music to enjoy at home

Today your child has been given their Charanga Yumu log in. Follow the instructions to access lessons and activities at home. This half term we have been learning to listen and talk about different types of music, keep a steady beat and have enjoyed learning some songs. Any problems email and I will endeavor to sort out the problem as soon as I can. Enjoy.

Fine Motor Activities

We have been focusing on fine motor activities in class to get the children ready to write. Here is a link to some good fine motor activities you can try at home. I have picked out a few that are quick to set up.

40 Fine Motor Skills Activities

One of the most important ways we can help our children while playing with them at home or in a childcare/ classroom setting is through setting up simple activities that help to develop fine motor skills. Young children need to be able to hold and use scissors and pencils appropriately before using them in a classroom context. We cannot expect them to be able to write if they haven’t yet developed the strength needed in their hands and fingers. There are plenty of easy ways to strengthen these muscles, practise co-ordination and develop hand:eye co-ordination using simple, everyday materials and a bit of creative fun!

Dough Disco

Pasta necklace

Rainbow threading necklaces


Weaving on cardboard shapes

Pipe cleaner and colander

Pipe cleaners discovery box

Cheerios or beads on spaghetti


Painting with cotton buds


Zips and buttons

Activity to Teach Kids to Zip and Button | Teaching, Teaching kids,  Teaching toddlers


cutting activities for preschoolers
sensory cutting activity