What a week

Reception have been very busy this week. Not only have they been learning new sounds, all about shape in maths and toys in topic but its also been anti-bulling week and Children in Need. Take a look below at some of the things we have done.

Maths – This week we have learnt about circles and triangles. Why not look for circles and triangles in the environment.

Drawing shapes in our outdoor area

Anti-Bullying week – the theme this year is ’one kind word’. We sang the theme song with Andy and the odd socks in singing assembly this week.

We wore odd socks and designed some of our own, thought how to keep ourselves safe on the road, made traffic lights using circles and watched NSPCC’s speak out video. We talked about things that worry us and who we would tell.

Children in need – We all looked great in our spots and Pudsey ears. We learnt about why we were wearing spots and gave money to do so, created some Pudsey’s using finger painting and colouring equipment and participated in Pudsey P.E. with the Children in Need patron, Joe Wicks.

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