Elf Training

Yesterday, the children had to complete elf training during their P.E. lesson. They had to complete a variety of tasks including:

Collecting the toys from the shelf
Passing the parcel to the put it in Santa’s sleigh
Knocking down the snowmen with snowballs
Scooping up the reindeer poo and travelling on Santa’s sleigh

I am pleased to inform you that all the children passed and have a certificate to prove it.

It was a busy afternoon too. The children had a wonderful time dancing, singing nd playing games in the hall. I hope they enjoyed their gift from Woodthorpe friends. They have also been given a candy cane from them today.

Home Challenges

Please could you send your child’s home challenge book in on Friday so that we can mark them and prepare them for next half term. We will not be sending them home over the Christmas holidays. I’m sure the children will be busy with other things and deserve a well earned rest. Thank you for all your support with their challenges.

Elf on the shelf

Oh dear. I don’t think Eddie is learning as quickly as the children are! We have a healthy snack at break time Eddie.

I think Fred has had enough. We were able to use our ’Fred talk’ and free Eddie. We’re getting good at that now. Perhaps Eddie will try harder to do the right thing from now on.