Breakfast / After-School Sports Clubs

Our breakfast / after-school sports clubs will start from Monday 12th September 2022, and run for a 6-week period up until the half-term break.

Letters will be sent via Schoolzine and uploaded to class blog sites tomorrow with further details. 

Thank you, as always, for your continued support. 

Mr M. Trevor
Deputy Head Teacher


Welcome back! Start of a fantastic journey in Y1…

Good afternoon parents!

Welcome to the Y1 blogsite 🙂 I will endeavor to update this site at least once a week (though if I miss a week it’ll be because I’m swamped), and provide you all with a look into what your wonderful children are achieving at school.

We had a lovely first day together. I will admit I was a little nervous when I saw the tears this morning but, as I say often to parents, as soon as all the class were together inside there were no tears at all and it was all smiles. I outlined what is expected at school from the class and from the teachers and we chatted about the U.N. Rights of the child and how the school promotes and enforces these rights for all children at this school. We have a board displaying this work all year round which the class help decorate, I will upload a picture showing it off on Friday.

We spent a lot of time today reading together as well. I reminded the class of the importance of reading and practicing learning our sounds everyday. On Thursday/Friday I will be baseline assessing the class’ phonics which will dictate the groups they are put into for RWI. It is a good idea for your child to have revised the set1 speed sounds ( ch, sh, th, ng, nk, ck), and be beginning to know and apply the set 2 sounds (ir, air, ow, oo, oo, oy, ay, ee, igh, ou, or, ar). Anything more is a plus!

Looking forward to seeing all of the lovely faces of year 1 again tomorrow!


Mr Markham