Starting a new Maths unit, manufacturing cars, and 1960s day!

Hi parents!

Well done Year 1 on completing another week! We are really in the thick of y1 now and it’s great to see all the children growing in confidence and strength. I’ve been so impressed with the class’ stamina and appetite for working hard. Keep it up superstars! I was double proud that this week Year 1 had the best attendance in the school.

I wanted to begin by sharing two pieces of important information before showing off some of the wonderful work completed this week.

We have reach the end of the first Maths unit for this year (Place Value to 10). The class did a great job of mastering all the different elements of comparing, ordering, and sorting amounts. I think that perhaps ordering numbers provided the greatest challenge so I will be revisiting this with the class at intervals as part of the quiz portion of their Maths lessons going forward. Usually I would send the class home with a printed consolidation sheet for parents to revisit all that the class have learnt with their children should they choose to. In the interest of saving on paper, please find images of the sheets below. These are great activities that take the form of a story for your child to read at the same time. Please don’t bring it in for me to mark!

Our next unit is addition and subtraction (numbers to 10)!


Next important piece of information. On the last day of this term, 21st October, I am inviting all Year 1 children to come into school dressed in clothes from the 1960s. This is part of the children’s work looking at what life might have been for their grandparents when they were children. I will be providing some resources and a fun time-travelling, ye olde sweet shop activity too. Thank you so much for all the wonderful homework questions returned, they are fascinating and it’s great for the children to share part of their heritage and history with the class. I will try and remind parents and children closer to the date as well, but please can you get the word out amongst any group chats too that the 21st October is 1960s day just for Year 1!


Lastly, (before I had room and sit in a quiet room for a while) I wanted to share pictures of the cars that the class have started as part of their DT unit looking at making vehicles. It was a great afternoon using the axles and wheels to create our bases!

Great work Year 1! See you next week. Mental Health Day Monday so we are wearing bright clothes and I’m out all day Tuesday peer reviewing another school’s History provision. It’ll be a great week 🙂


Mr Markham