Music from the past, systematic number bonds, an invitation from Year 5…

Good evening parents!

Well done to Year 1 on completing another week of school! Each and every child worked hard this week and deserves a fun-filled, relaxing weekend. I wanted to take the time to share some of what we have been doing in class.

In Maths we have been looking at how to find number bonds using a systematic method. Using this method we can ensure that all the number bonds are found. For example, systematic number bonds to 5:

5 + 0
4 + 1
3 + 2
2 + 3
1 + 4
5 + 0

Can you spot the pattern? In year 1 we have learnt that by starting with the whole as our first part and adding 0; then reducing the first part by 1 each time until it reaches 0 and adding 1 each time to the second part until it reaches the whole; we can find systematic number bonds. Try it out, make systematic bonds to 7.

In History today, I began by showing the class a record player similar to the one that their grandparents may have used to listen to music when they were children. Afterwards, the class were given a chance to scrutinise music from the past and share their feelings. Check it out and see if you can recognise any familiar favourites!

Lastly, we were very excited this morning to receive a mysterious letter addressed to Year 1. With excitement, I opened the envelope and share the invitation written inside. Year 1 have been invited to take part in an Ancient Greek Olympics ran by Year 5, with the winner receiving a special prize. As you can imagine, this set the classroom abuzz. I would like to clarify: this is not a school trip as we will not be going off-site (the games will take place on the ball court). The games take place next Wednesday in the morning. How exciting!

I hope you enjoyed a small look into our week in Year 1, I’m really looking forward to meeting with parents next week. Please let me know if alternative arrangements are needed.


Mr Markham