Writing, Shapes, assessment, and boxes…

Good evening parents!

I wanted to use this blog post as an opportunity to celebrate and share all the work we have been doing in Y1 in our core subjects: Maths and English.

In English, Red group have been working on constructing words using simple digraphs and developing their knowledge of letter formation and basic sentence grammar. Check out a glimpse into their work below!

In Purple group, the children are developing their ‘hold a sentence’ skills and using their own ideas to creatively produce ‘big writes’ inspired by the text they have been reading. Self-assessment is being used to guide each child towards where their writing needs improving and what they need to remember. Check it out!

In Orange group, the children have been developing and improving upon their ‘big writes’ in order to add better description and use extended sentences. There has been a lot of discussion around adjective, nouns, and verbs and their place in our writing. We have also looked at different punctuation and their uses in adding emphasis to our writing. I have super impressed with the growth in writing of all the children. Keep it up superstars!


In Maths, our focus has been on shape. We began by identifying the difference between 2D and 3D shapes and then, using our knowledge of these shapes, we have been sorting them using a range of table and venn diagrams. Check out the wonderful work!


Last week we completed the first Maths, Reading, and GAPS assessments for Y1. I am really pleased with how the class reacted to the challenge of the assessments and the effort each child put in. I am going to complete the phonics assessments starting on Wednesday so their will be new groups starting after the Christmas break. I am aiming for every child to have a sound knowledge of set 2 sounds in sound and word form, so please revise these with your child! Set 3 sounds and words are a bonus too!


A fairly late request from me! Could you please bring in small cereal boxes to the class please (empty)? Or a small box the equivalent size? This is for the building of Tudor houses portion of the Great Fire of London topic we have been studying this term. Thank you!


Looking forward to a great week! Two more weeks of school until the break, lets try our best to come in everyday.


Mr Markham