Have a wonderful break!

Hello parents,

I wanted to post and say a big thank you for the wonderful presents, cards, and general support this term. This is such a lovely and special class and a real joy to teach! Next term is massively important as we continue to give Year 1 the best possible start to their school life, and the reading skills they use for the rest of their lives. I am coming at them with everything I’ve got next term so lets all enjoy our rest and have fun.

I have sent home a mini-report centred on my observations on each child’s reading based on the assessments this month. Overall, the sound knowledge aspect is well ahead of schedule (fantastic!). I want to work more on applying this fluency into their reading next term, including reading multisyllabic words, and building speedy readers.

Have a lovely Christmas/holiday/season! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone when we are back.

P.S. I have spoken to the class about the danger with ice in response to the terrible news recently.


Mr Markham