Forest school attire – opportunities for outside learning!

Good afternoon parents!

I have been getting a lot of questions of whether the class need their wellies and long waterproofs for this year. I sent home the ones from Reception so that parents could check whether the ones they have still fit and are comfortable. I do intent on making use of the forest school area in lessons, especially starting next term when the children study microhabitats and examine nature in art.

Please can your child bring in a pair of wellies and a long waterproof (one that covers their arms and legs). It is policy that a child is not allowed in the forest school area without the correct attire so, unless every child has the correct attire, we cannot use the forest school area. I will keep the wellies and waterproofs in my cupboard so they don’t need to go on their pegs.

This is an example of a child properly dressed for forest school


Mr Markham

P.S. Hopefully your child has passed on the blog password for this year. If not, please contact me and I will share that with you.

End of the week – shout outs, information, and an escaped big bad wolf…

Good evening parents!

I hope your child has had a good first week back at school! I am planning on starting business as usual in terms of lessons and building up the classes’ stamina for working hard next week. Full steam ahead towards excellence and achieving our goals!

I have sent home your child’s reading record. Alongside each of their names is a colour dot. These dots are randomly assigned and are there to help me keep on track of marking. I will be looking at a different colour set of reading records each day of the week.

Blue dots will be looked at on Mondays.
Green dots will be looked at on Tuesdays.
Black dots will be looked at on Wednesdays.
Red dots will be looked at on Thursdays.
Pink dots will be looked at on Fridays.

If a child is absent on their assigned day, then I will do my best to make sure I check their records when they return.

I have spoken to the class already and congratulated them on being probably the tidiest class I’ve ever had in terms of keeping the peg area in order. It is only small unfortunately and right at the front of the school so we need to be conscious of the space we take up and the image we present to visitors. Especially as winter beckons and room will be needed for winter coats, can we avoid sending children in with big rucksacks? The bookbags given can be used to carry any letters or books, and lunch-boxes are places onto the trolley outside y1 as soon as children arrive into school. As I say, the class have fantastic in this respect so far so lets keep it up!

Today, the class had their first Commando Joe lesson in y1. This is always one of my favourite lessons every year and this year was no different. The children were transformed into the pigs from three little pigs, and I was transformed into the Big Bad Wolf who had escaped and was on the hunt. Because I was such an old wolf, my eyes weren’t working very well so I was relying on huge, hairy ears. This meant that the class had to complete their mission in silence or risk being eaten.

The class did a wonderful job or moving through the obstacles to evade the wolf and find blocks to build a safe house. Afterwards, the children used their wonderful imaginations to build their safe houses using the equipment available to them.

I would love to upload photos of the children busy in their mission, but I forget to send home the password I will be using this year for blogs that have children’s photos on them. I will upload pictures with he children in them next week when you have the password. For now, enjoy some pictures of me showing the class the mission.


Mr Markham